The Crypto.Kred API

Crypto.Kred is both Dual-Protocol and Dual-Ledger

Ƙred Coins are a new class of digital asset, based on the ERC821 protocol (and ERC20 precursor), supported by both the Stellar and Ethereum Blockchain Networks.

Their value is a function of:

  1. Social value - Comments, Likes and Connections
  2. Media value - Coin name and front and back media
  3. CƘr (ERC 20) value - CƘr units which can be bought with $, BTC, DOGE or ETH within the Crypto.Ƙred platform.

Addition of custom metadata converts the CƘr from the base ERC20 to an ERC821 token.

Developers using the Crypto.Ƙred API can choose to record their transactions on either Stellar or Ethereum Ledgers.

Choose a Crypto.Kred API plan

Crypto.Kred Basic USD 19.00 /mo
  • 600 hits per minute
Crypto.Kred Pro USD 99.00 /mo
  • 1800 hits per minute

The Kred API

We all have Influence somewhere

In real life social circles, people are influenced by their peers. On social networks, influencers are trusted friends and authorities within affinity based communities. Kred, created by PeopleBrowsr, measures influence in online communities connected by interest. Kred values audience quality and engagement over audience size. It assesses the ability to inspire action (Influence) and propensity to engage with others (Outreach).

What is Influence?

Kred Influence measures a user's relative ability to inspire action from others like retweeting, replies or new follows.

What is Outreach?

Kred Outreach measures generosity and rewards actions like engagement with others and willingness to spread the message.

Choose a Kred API plan

Kred Pro USD 500.00 /mo
  • 2,000,000 hits per month